How to Reduce High Cholesterol Without Medications


High Cholesterol can lead to many other problems regarding the heart and if not dealt with it can be even result in a heart attack. It is possible to reduce High Cholesterol.
Most of the time prescription drugs allows you to put a bandaid and leads us away from identifiying the real cause of high cholesterol. 
It is possible to reduce High Cholesterol without medications and stay healthy.

1.  Take a look at your lifestyle, eating habits, and recognize what may have caused your cholesterol to be high.  Then be determined
to do whatever it takes to get it down without medications. Set a goal and plan out how you are going to fulfill it.

2.  Eat foods high in fiber like barley, brown rice, brown rice bran and oat bran.  Use more whole grain cereals and breads.It is also best to eat foods that have buckwheat, millet and oats.Use rolled oats for oatmeal instead of Quaker oats. 

3.  Look for fruits and vegetables high in soluble fiber like Apples, pears and bananas. Soluble fiber is known to lower cholesterol. 

4.  Get your juicer out and start juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.  It not only lowers your cholesterol, it purifies your body of any toxins, helps you lose weight, and gives you energy. 

5.  Reduce your intake of meat and dairy products, which are primary sources of high cholesterol.  Eat meat in moderation or replace with fish and eat 2-3 times weekly.  

6.  Mix 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/3 glass of water. 

7.  Exercise at least 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes.This can be brisk walking, running, jogging, dancing, aerobics or playing a specific sport.  Anything to keep your heart pumping and blood flowing. 

8.  Studies have shown that raw, unsalted almonds and walnuts can lower cholesterol by sixteen points if you continually eat it for 4 weeks.

9.  Cut back on fried foods and your love for fried foods and eating too many times fast food restaurants. 

10.  Drink Green Tea at least 2-3 times daily. 


Kyolic Garlic- comes in capsules and liquid form.  This is known to lower cholesterol. Use as directed.

Use Spirulina daily.  This product can be found in your local health store.

Lecithin Granules can lower cholesterol and has many other health benefits.  It is best to take 1 tablespoon with a glass of juice. 

Use Apple Pectin