Reducing Your Calories Daily



Cutting your calories daily is a great way to lose
weight and remain healthy and fit. Here are ways to
accomplish this.

1. Look at the labels of the products you usually buy, pasta, cereal, drinks, snacks, etc and look at the nutritional chart and the number of calories in each item. With just
knowing how much calories a product has, will help you to adjust your lifestyle by choosing an alternative with less calories.

2. Remove the fat off your meats before cooking them. This is very good way to cut calories off and the fat removed gives you a healthy heart. It is also wise to remove all skin from all poultry products before cooking. Bake and grill your meats instead of frying them.

3. Reduce the amount of cheese you use in your appetizers, vegetables, omelettes and casseroles.

4. Use oven-baked potato chips instead of regular potato chips. Cut down on fast food fries, which are loaded with fat, and high in calories.

5. Instead of a piece of cake or pie, cookies, muffins for dessert, eat more fruit and yogurt.

6. Use Light Mayonnaise or mustard, instead of regular mayo and cut down on ranch dressing. You can use light balsamic vinaigrette, light Italian which has a lot less
calories than ranch dressing.

7. Use soft drinks and sodas sparingly. Drinks lots of bottled water or filtered water.

8. Cut down on regularly eating out at fast food places and restaurants.? It may taste good and be fast, but loaded with fat and calories are very high. Make healthy meals at home.

9.Exercise- whether it is aerobics, brisk walking outside or walking in place at home, jogging, dancing, jumping jacks, jump rope, swimming or riding a bicycle, using the treadmill or any sports activity you will be cutting down those calories.